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Whitney was found at a construction site, where she’d been fed by workers. It’s probably how she’s learned to love and trust humans so implicitly.
Whitney could be your Greatest Love of All because:
•She is house trained, crate-trained, and well behaved when left home alone! She’s very quiet … unless there are intruders around!
•She is comfortable allowing people to take her food, toys, and chews away from her at any time.
•She is well-behaved when being bathed and groomed and tolerates being handled all over.
•Whitney would be a great dinner party hostess! She loves having people around, especially if they are available to show her some love.
•She also makes a great co-pilot because she is quiet during car rides and knows to stay calmly in the back seat.
•Whitney is the star of training class at the shelter. She is focused on her handler and learns most new tricks in just one session. She knows numerous commands, including Sit, Down, Touch, Kennel and Heel.
Whitney is a well-rounded dog: she’s as cuddly as she looks, with an optimistic personality, and a sense of duty that would help her family feel safe with her around. She’s also got a magnificent smile and will bring a smile to your face, too, when you come to meet her!