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Artfully dodging cars as he played in a busy intersection, Dodger was scooped up to safety and a better life with you! Dodger is a thoroughly likeable dog that is great in the house and as a companion. He is open to new things and totally agreeable. There is something wrong with Dodger. He is homeless. It is an affliction that affects many dogs in Houston, but you can help with that!

Don’t dodge your chance to meet Dodger! Why?

He is house trained!
He is young and trainable. He’s already learned to sit!
Nothing fazes Dodger! He’s even good in thunderstorms!
He has a super-high lovability factor!

Dodger is the dog that can easily merge into your life, making you wish you had met him sooner! Dodger is doing well in foster care, but he longs for a home of his own. He has a long life ahead, and ideally wants that life to be spent with you! You owe it to yourself to meet Dodger! Yes, Dodger is that special!