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Pickles was abandoned in the Heights. He doesn’t know why. One day he had a home and then suddenly, he was at the mercy of whoever found him! Lucky for Pickles that that someone knew what to do! Pickles is still in a pickle until he finds a home. He hopes that you will change that!

You won’t get sour with Pickles!

Like all FFL dogs, Pickles is receiving training to make him a super dog for you!
Pickles was evaluated and determined to have great pet potential!
Pickles is healthy and good natured—and he needs you!

Pickles is going to be a great friend for you! He will be a good companion, and will need daily exercise, just like you. Won’t it be nice to spend that time together before heading back inside to cool off? Maybe you are tired of being alone, like Pickles. If you take that step and meet Pickles, you can be on your way to changing both of your lives! Meet our sweet Pickles and see what happens next!