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The good news about Kirby:
•Kirby has great dance moves! Her favorite is the full body waggle!
•This social butterfly loves everyone she meets, including people of all ages!
•She walks nicely on a leash and would make a great running partner!
•There is nothing Kirby likes better than to participate in fun activities with some good company. Whether it’s cuddling up on the couch or trail running, this dog knows how to have a good time.
•Kirby is absolutely housetrained and well-behaved when home alone.
•You know how sometimes the biggest trash talker in the game is the one who is least confident in their abilities? Well, that would be Kirby. She plays great with other dogs, but if she feels threatened, she may posture herself by barking to appear bigger and badder than she really is. This girl needs a proper intro in order to play well with other pups.
•A super smart cookie, Kirby is already trained to perform many behaviors and enjoys learning new ones.
One look at this bubbly pup’s expression is sure to make you smile. Take her home, and Kirby will bring a permanent source of joy to your life