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Piper was found tied up and abandoned in a parking lot. Piper is friendly and enthusiastic, but a bit shy and cautious with strangers and new places. Piper is affectionate with children. All in all, Piper is a fabulous pup!

Find out what makes Piper your perfect pooch!

She likes children and adults, and gets along with other dogs!
She likes to play and go for long walks!
She is one smart cookie!
Piper is easy-going and learns quickly.

Piper highly intelligent dog and likes exercise and intellectual pursuits to keep her focused on positive ways to have fun! Piper enjoys going for walks, and will calmly walk next to you. Piper is very courteous in that she doesn’t jump on you, but rather waits until you are sitting to come over and place her head in your lap! Piper is a super-sweet dog deserving of a human and home