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When you find a great dog like Missy--that seems to have been tossed out like litter on the highway--you just wonder why? Along with Rambo and Francine, Missy was picked up and taken to a “kill shelter” after being dumped at a trailer park. Missy is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet! She is young and willing to learn everything she needs to know to be your perfect pet!

Missy is learning leash manners with her foster and needs a little more training to complete her doggie education. Missy likes other dogs and children, but might be a bit exuberant around toddlers, so parental supervision is a must, because kids are a lot of fun!

Missy was part of an unlikely canine family with small pals Rambo and Francine, but now she is hoping that she has what it takes to be a member of your family! Missy’s life took a turn for the better now that she has a chance to meet you. Why don’t you think about making that better life permanent for Missy?