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Catalina came to us after she was dumped behind a store. Born in April, she is a puppy with many happy years ahead! Catalina likes kids and other dogs. She is the perfect age to begin learning everything she needs to know to be your ideal dog!
Catalina is intelligent and will learn quickly. Catalina will benefit from going everywhere with you, to provide all kinds of pleasant, positive experiences where she meets lots of people and goes to new places. The more she is exposed to, the more calm and well-rounded she will be. Exercise is important for both you and Catalina. It can also be a fun social time where you meet and greet other people and their dogs!
More than anything, Catalina wants your love and the security of being your best pal! Catalina has so much to offer, and will be your devoted companion. You know you’ve been wanting a dog. Catalina could be that dog—yours!