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Nemmy came to Friends For Life after being found tethered to a tire by a nylon belt that was embedded into the flesh around her waist. At Friends For Life, she’s learned to trust people again after being through so much cruelty. It’s truly moving to see her enjoy life the carefree way that every dog should!

Why Nemmy Makes a Great Companion:

She makes a great second (or third) dog! Nemmy gets along with most every dog she meets and is a wonderful playmate.
She is happy to do her business outside! AND she’s been paper-trained, which is great for caregivers with long work days!
She’s very easily trainable and already knows a bunch of commands, including “sit,” “down,” eye contact, and “touch.”
She comfortable with the feline persuasion! According to Nemmy, cats are roommates, not prey.
As much as she loves playing with toys, Nemmy knows the difference between her things and yours.