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Lola is a charming, laid back gal who will love to be a part of a loving family! She is quite the people pleaser, gentle, and has a friendly personality that will truly steal your heart!

Details about Lola

Smart & Trainable : You wouldn’t think Lola was once a stray, but this cutie has a sweet temperament and obedient attitude! She is well-behaved, intelligent, and can show you some tricks. Ask her and she’ll sit and stay on command. She also wouldn’t mind shaking your hand when you meet her!

Cuddle time: She can’t wait to be apart of a home that can show her what love is like as she will 100% adore your company. Lola will be your loyal companion, appreciating every little moment from cuddling to playing fetch! She may seem shy at first, but that’s only until she has found the family to give her heart to. Within no time, Lola will become part of the family and she will care and love you. She would love nothing more than a nice home and to be by your side!