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Margo had a problem. She was in a shelter that kills and needed a way out! Now free, Margo realizes that her life won’t be complete without you! Margo needs someone like you to teach her how to be a truly spectacular dog! In return, she will give you all of the unconditional love and companionship you’ve been wanting!

Set the stage for success before bringing Margo home:

Have food, bedding, crate and toys ready.
Line up a good veterinarian, and don’t forget flea and heartworm medication!
Plan a routine for potty training. Margo will learn quickly!
Puppy training can begin! Make it simple and fun—one task at a time until mastered.
Reward good behavior with tasty treats!

Margo is ready to take a big step into your life! Before that can happen, she needs to meet you, so come on down and spend some time with Margo! Meet Margo and find your match!