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This boy takes his cuddle time seriously, but he’s no one trick pony! Read on to see why Dexter just might be THE ONE for you:
•This smartypants has already been to obedience school and knows many commands including, but not limited to: Sit, Down, Stay, Off, and “Get in the car!”
•According to Dexter’s foster, he is “super, duper, uper housetrained (we are talking camel bladder here)”. He even tells you when he needs to go outside!
•Dexter has amazing leash manners. He walks with you and is easy to manage because he doesn’t pull!
•His politeness extends to when he is eating: He is comfortable having people approach him and handle him while he is eating.
•Dex is definitely a people person! He is thrilled to have guests, especially if they are dog lovers.
•This gentle boy even gets along with dog-friendly cats! And, if the cat isn’t so dog friendly? Well … at least Dex has the grace to let kitties win any conflicts.
•Dexter has some cute hobbies, including sleeping with you in bed (only when invited), watching doggie television shows, and visiting the drive thrus at his favorite fast food joints.
Are you intrigued by Dexter’s bio? Learn more about him on his facebook profile: