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The Brady Bunch was pulled from a kill shelter. Marcia, Greg, Jan, Peter, Cindy, and Bobby are precious Shepherd mix pups! Mom Mona weighs 38 pounds, so you are looking at medium sized dogs as they mature. The Brady Bunch puppies are loving, playful and affectionate--excellent companion dogs!

Be prepared before bringing a puppy home:
- Have good food, treats, bedding, toys, and a crate!
- Have a good veterinarian lined up. Don’t forget that flea and heartworm medication is vital!
- Training begins when puppy comes home and you take him/her out to go potty. Reward good results. Puppy will want to please you, and treats and praise are the way to get positive results!
- Don’t forget play time! It is good for both of you!

You will form a unique bond with your puppy. The love and affection you give your puppy will be returned exponentially! As you show puppy how to please you, he/she will strive to do things that make you happy! Meet the Brady Bunch and find out whether Marcia, Greg, Jan, Peter, Cindy or Bobby will be the puppy you can’t resist!