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Well socialized and trained puppies will be excellent family dogs! ! You’re in luck, because that is exactly what Snow, Jewel, Crunch, and Moo want to be—your family dog! Born to a stray mom, these pups are healthy, happy and well-socialized. They are loving, playful puppies ready to spend the rest of their lives with you!

Taking care of your new puppy:
- Realize that adopting a puppy is a commitment, and that ongoing training and socialization benefits both you and your puppy!
- Have food, bedding, and a crate ready before bringing your puppy home.
- Have a veterinarian chosen, and be prepared with heartworm medication.
- Exercise! A well-exercised dog is a well-behaved dog!

Adopting a puppy is much like raising a child. You bond with the puppy and teach her the things she needs to know to please you. Snow will want to make you happy, and doing so will motivate her to higher achievements! Reward Snow with treats! Meet Snow and her siblings. You will love all of them!