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Frankie is one smart dog! He followed his rescuer home for four blocks so that she could help him find a new home! Frankie loves to play with other dogs and enjoys snuggling on the couch! Good with kids, he is friendly and outgoing with everyone!

Why choose Frankie to be your very own?
- He is enthusiastic and wants to please you!
- He quickly picked up sit and lay down, and even sits at the back door before you let him in!
- He is doing great with his house training!
- His sweet personality matches his good looks!

Frankie is a family dog that needs a family of his own! He is adaptable, and will fit right in! He learns quickly! Frankie is active, yet with his medium energy level, he easily transitions from fun time to chill time! You’ve been looking for a furry friend, and Frankie is the dog for you. Frankie is a dog you can’t resist!