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Cookie is very obedient and docile--a joy to have around your house! Her eyes are a gorgeous light brown that can look a little melancholy, but make no mistake; Cookie is a sweet and happy dog!

Why you’ll love this smart Cookie:
* She likes people of all ages and in the past had done well with other dogs.
* She’s house trained!
* She’ll adapt to your home as readily as she did with her foster!
* She’s smart cookie and is easily trained.

Cookie could sit forever and have her head rubbed! She is people-oriented and happy to be in the company of her humans. Cookie has great manners and is acceptable of whatever you do, such as taking away food or a toy or just petting her. Cookie likes to go on car rides, and you’ll enjoy the ride more with her along! Cookie is the dog you’ve been waiting for, so make plans to meet her soon!