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Biggie hasn’t found “the one” yet, but boy is this handsome gentleman ready to settle down! Are you finally the family that won’t let him down? He’s ready to spend forever with you!
Biggie’s Basics

So Happy Together: “Imagine me and you, and you and me!” Biggie lives to be with his person. He loves to go on hikes and adventures, but at the end of the long day his favorite thing is to gingerly cuddle up on the couch with you and give you lots of love and snuggles. His foster jokes that “he doesn’t know how biggie is!” Who said only little dogs can be lap dogs? Biggie is the best body pillow there is!
Dont’cha Wish Your Boyfriend was Smart Like Me: Biggie’s got the moves and he knows how to use them. Sit, down, off, and fetch are just a few of his tricks, and he can’t wait to learn more!

Perfect Day: Biggie’s perfect day would start by sleeping in, if you’ve got room in your bed, that would be awesome, but if not, he’s happy to sleep in his own bed next to you. After morning snuggle time, he would love to go on a long walk or hike, maybe even chase some squirrels! There’s no happy place quite like being able to stretch his long legs and bound freely down the trail. Then cap the day off by snuggling up with you and lounging around. Throw in some treats and dinner time, and this sweet man is yours forever! Come by and meet Biggie today, and let him show you what big love is all about!