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Winnie’s family is moving to Japan and she won’t be able to go, however; she would love to go home with you! Winnie likes adults, kids, cats and dogs! Basically, if you like someone, Winnie will too! Winnie is house trained and great on leash and is so well-behaved indoors that she has not been crated. Winnie is very affectionate and loves to be touched, petted, lean up against you and has dreams of being a lap dog! Winnie is alert and will alert you when someone approaches the house, so you’ll always know when someone is at the door! Winnie will be your best bud!

* Winnie loves people and is super affectionate! She prefers older kids.
* Winnie gets along with dogs and cats! But she does prefer to be fed separately from other pets. She also loves her treats and toys so much she prefers not to share.
* Winnie has good leash manners and knows sit, stay, wait and no!
* Winnie likes to have her belly scratched every chance she gets! She also likes to smell the scent trails of other animals and play in the yard!

Winnie will be fun to walk with instead of those usual lonely walks and at night, you’ll find that she will enjoy sitting close to you when you watch TV or work on the computer! Winnie won’t talk very much, but she’ll certainly listen carefully to everything you tell her. Meet Winnie and begin your future together!