Lil Bit

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Lil Bit can best be summed up as a pint-sized working dog. He’s intelligent, energetic and ready for any activity you may throw his way.

Here are some fascinating factoids about Lil Bit:

• A gentleman indoors! Lil Bit (or as his friends call him, LB) is perfectly kennel trained and knows, like every gentle dog, that his business is for outdoors, only.
• Well educated! LB knows several commands, including Sit, Stay, Stand, and Down. He also can wait until he is released before exiting his
kennel. Now, that’s self-control!
• Knows all the rules! This dog not only brings the toy back during Fetch, but he also drops the rope when you’re done playing Tug. If you know a game that’s new to him, he’d be more than happy to learn the rules!
• The epitome of physical fitness! LB is rock solid, loves running, and inspires envy with his impeccable bodyfat percentage. If nothing makes you feel like sticking to your exercise regimen, just looking at him will!
• Cuddle Bug! It takes very little time for Lil Bit to go from formal acquaintanceship to best friend status! One moment you’re introducing yourself and the next, he’s in your lap for snuggle time!

Looking for a turbo-charged activity buddy who can fit in your studio apartment? Or are you of the mindset that great things come in small to medium-sized packages? If so, come to FFL posthaste because Lil Bit might just be the right match for you!