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Watch Casey's Video

If Casey had a motto, we think it would be something like “All you need is Love … and Sleep!” That’s because, according to Casey’s life philosophy, there’s nothing more paramount to happiness than sleeping and hugs. It seems to be a pretty good philosophy because this puppy doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. If everyone followed our sweet canine guru’s example, the world would be a much better place! Try it out by following Casey’s example:

1. Sleep in! Casey maintains her silky, shiny good looks with lots of daily beauty sleep. Her sleep schedule can be best summarized by the following schedule: 2 hour naps, every 2 hours.

2. Exercise, but in moderation, please! While she may be still an adolescent and needs daily activity, Casey’s favorite part of any walk is when she arrives back home, has a cool drink, and climbs back into bed for a nap.

3. Greet everyone you meet with the biggest tail wag you can muster. Casey, ever the optimist, believes that EVERYONE is a potential friend and bearer of belly rubs.

4. Shhhhh! Quiet! Casey maintains a Zen atmosphere in the home by keeping a vow of silence.

5. Do your business in the proper location. Casey is a well-housetrained puppy.

6. Educate yourself! Casey is one smart pooch. She already knows basic commands such as sit, down, stay, and come when called.

7. When it doubt, hug! Casey begins and ends every social interaction with a good snuggle.

Try Casey’s Seven Principles of Happiness and soon, you will reach doggy enlightenment. Or, better yet, come meet the guru herself; she would be more than happy to give you private lessons in love and sleep at your very own home!