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Fred is feeling a little displaced and just wants a family for him to adore!

Love you so much. Fred starts off a bit shy and unsure but quickly warms up to jumping into your lap and laying on your legs! He loves commanding your attention and will share his food and toys with his humans. Take him for walks and enjoying the outdoors will bring out such joy in his face. Throw in some play and he’s one happy dog!.

Loves making you happy. Fred has all his good boy behavior down when it comes to ensuring his humans are happy. Say the words “sit”, “outside”, and “go” and you’ll find an immediate response! If you need to leave him alone or in a crate, you won’t find any protest. Baths are no big deal, being attached to a leash doesn’t faze him, and best of all, he’s potty-trained!

Space and chase. Fred prefers gentle humans that respect a little space. Calm, older kids are best for him to handle. He also likes chasing adventures and has an uncanny ability to wander off nearly all the time. Speaking of chase, he may pursue some very unhappy cats!

Fred’s forever family will include lots of gentle love, patience, but also provide an underlying safety net of care. Accept Fred into your heart and find an outpouring of love!