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Watch George's Video

This enthusiastic fella has it all—devilishly handsome looks, fantastic athleticism, and a sharp mind to boot!

Why we love George – and you should, too!
- All of his house manners are accounted for:
- He goes into his crate on cue and stays there comfortably.
- He is well-behaved when left alone at home.
- George is a lively boy who enjoys some activity. Whether enjoying a brisk walk, playing tug, or chasing tennis balls (or squirrels), he is happiest when active.
- With all his silliness and cuddliness, George is also an A+ student and already knows how to sit, lie down, hand target, relax and make eye contact on command.
- Despite being such an activity dog, George would also have a great time leaning up against your leg, relaxing to belly rubs, and taking naps in the sun.
- While he adores his friends and family, it can take more than one meeting to get into George’s inner circle. But once you’re in, you’re guaranteed snuggles for life!