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Parker would love nothing more than have a forever home. His short strong muscular legs with his short body are very amusing to people and seems to attract attention wherever he goes. He is outgoing and learns very fast. Here are the top 12 reasons we are sure you will love Parker. He has so many great attributes, we couldn't limit it to the top 10!:

1. He is absolutely comfortable with people taking his food and toys away from him.
2. He is well – educated, he knows how to sit, sit to wait for his food bowl, lie down, come when called & no and is still learning other commands.
3. Parker loves to interact with most other dogs & adjust his play style to the level of other dog.
4. He is house broken and does his business as soon as possible after exiting the house or his kennel.
5. He is kennel-trained when left home alone and at bed time.
6. He is quiet in the house and is not a big barker. He settles very well.
7. Parker loves to be brushed and told he is a handsome boy.
8. He loves meeting people and just wants to be loved.
9. If you want a car partner, he would be the ideal partner. He loves to ride and hang his head out the window.
10. His favorite toys are his rubber ball and rope toys.
11. Believe it or not, he would make a great exercising partner for going on walks and jogging.
12. He is very polite about not getting on your couch unless told to. He is learning how to snuggle and cuddle and if allowed, he could be your couch potato cuddle bug.

I’m sure it sounds like Parker has the perfect life. But he is missing one thing: a forever home & someone to give him the love and attention he deserves. Come meet Parker today and we’re sure you will fall in love!!