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My name is Chaparro.  I’m one of the best mini-cuddle buddies around. 

I so love being next to my person.  And, I enjoy every present moment just being together.  Whether you are directly focused on me or are attending to other matters, just being together is what counts. I don’t require a lot of exercise.  Daily walks are good, preferably short! That’s a plus for all of us residing in a hot climate. Whenever I meet new people I get questions like:  “Are you blind?”  The answer is “No."   I have what is called corneal dystrophy which - depending on the current light and angle - creates my sweet brown eyes to appear to be cloudy and/or bluish. I might have a bit of trouble seeing but I’m not blind.  Look into my soulful eyes and you will see all the love and sweetness I have to share with that special someone.

Come by Friends For Life and meet me!  You and I may have a lot in common and it could be the beginning of very special relationship.