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How can anyone give up this man? He’s truly the best, most gentle man you’ll ever come across.

Sweetest man ever. You’ll find a constant shadow in Chaparro because he just loves being close to you. He’ll hang around in the kitchen as you as you cook or act as the most amazing foot warmer while you’re binging on Netflix or enjoying a meal a the table. He’s a generally low key, quiet guy but will let you know if someone is at the door. Petting is always welcome, especially if they come with a really nice ear scratch! Despite his physical disabilities, he’ll do this cute gallop outside if he gets a whiff of something interesting but is otherwise pretty low energy. He also can’t get enough of a nice, plushy toy that can fill his mouth and Chaparro will walk around proudly with his trophy! Oh yeah, and let’s not forget naps galore!

Old school manners. Chaparro sweet demeanor makes him easy to be around. He’s potty-trained but will always need to go outside after a meal for some “business”. He isn’t kept in a crate simply because he keeps getting caught in the metal clips but is content on a fluffy blanket near your own sleeping spot. He doesn’t know commands but it doesn’t seem to matter with such a wonderful personality!

A few needs. Chaparro would prefer to be in a home that has someone home often so they can let him out when he needs to go. If he must be left for a long period of time, a pen with pee pads may work! He does have limited vision but that hasn’t hindered him in knowing the layout of his home. He does not see small stuff so he may trip over a dog’s tail, a door stop, or something of that nature!

Chaparro just simply asks for your love and quiet in your home and you’ll get back the best man ever. He’s been described as the sweetest dog. You just need to come see for yourself!