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Randy is a sweet guy that loves to meet new people--and their dogs too! Randy was found wandering the streets near his foster’s home; they took him in, and now Randy is spending his time with three foster-dog siblings while he waits to meet you! Randy’s energy level is a cinch to handle, and he can sit and shake! If you were to ask Randy about something he likes to do, he’d say that he likes to ride in the car and go places. Isn’t that great! You go places in your car! Randy also enjoys food – maybe a bit too much! He’s a titch overweight, so a little more walking and portion control will get you both in shape! Can you imagine? Randy will be good for your health!

Randy is handy, and he’s got his bags packed already! Here’re his highlights:
-Randy loves people and other dogs! No cats, please.
-Randy is friendly and loves to be petted!
-Randy knows sit and shake, and can learn more!
-Randy is house and small-space trained, with great indoor manners!
-Randy is polishing up his leash manners just for you!

Randy is outgoing and friendly when meeting people! He likes to sit near you most of the time! Randy enjoys meeting new people, and if they have dogs, that makes it even better! Randy does prefer to eat alone. He loves his food and doesn’t want to share, so he will need to eat by himself and not with other dogs. He doesn’t mind if you’re around. Randy is a big teddy bear of a dog! He’s a sweet, melting marshmallow on the inside! Easy to love and easy to live with, Randy will be your perfect companion, and you’ll never be alone!