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Maxter was given up because his human couldn’t give him all of the time that Maxter needed to be happy. He’s a wonderfully loving dog who just wants to always be near his person!

Humans = LOVE. Maxter LOVES people! So much so that he tries to be with them all of the time! He’s a serious “velcro dog”, to the point of where he will sit in your lap (or at least try!). Maxter is a major affection king and snuggle bug so get ready for lots of cuddles! Because humans are so awesome, he loves to share toys, food, and chews with them. Meeting new people means there are more hands for petting and bodies for snuggling!

Just to please you! Maxter aims to satisfy his humans. He already knows the commands sit, stay, lay down, and come. He enjoys car rides because he gets to go somewhere with you. He’s generally good on a leash but watch out for squirrels! Maxter doesn’t care for baths or grooming but he’ll quietly endure it since you’re close by. And the best thing, he’s house-trained!

Must have you. Maxter loves being with his humans so much that he has a some trouble being left alone. He simply doesn’t like it. If you’re home a lot and/or can take him everywhere, you’re probably his soulmate! Maxter likes dogs but would really prefer if they aren’t aggressive and that they don’t bark at him. If they do, Maxter might try to put them in their place.

If you can handle a giant puppy-like dog that needs cuddling during happy times and comfort during not so happy times, you are ready to be his family!