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Watch UB's Video

Poor UB was found hungry and abandoned by someone feeding homeless cats. After a hearty meal of cat kibble, he was curled-up fast asleep in the car, very glad to be off the streets. He went from homelessness to walking like a king in River Oaks within a day!

Cat in a dog’s body. UB is a unique kind of dog that apparently thinks he’s a cat. He must have been raised by cats because anyone can see that he simply doesn’t act like a dog most of the time. Like a cat, he tends to jump up and walk on top of walls. Plus, like some cats, he does not care for other dogs and rarely barks. You might expect a “meow” to come out of him!

A scholar. UB has a cat-like inquisitiveness, is smart and quick to learn. He responds quickly to training and is doing well! He knows sit, let’s go, find it, and touch commands. He’s great in cars and loves the scenery that whizzes by. And the big one, he’s house-trained! He also does well in crates and when left home alone during the day.

Exercise motivator. UB is healthy and energetic. He loves long walks and play time with you and some toys. Burning some energy with him can do wonders for your own physical and mental health! He needs to you get up and get moving!

UB longs for a home with kids, adults, and friendly cats and a loving family. Just provide him with love, care, and exercise and you will be left wondering how you ever lasted without him! That smile deserves to be in your family picture!