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Watch Casanova's Video

Casanova LOVES toys! You name it; he loves it—from plush squeakies to ropes to hard chew toys that few dogs like! He’ll fetch balls in return for a treat! Casanova is smart and treat motivated and very well trained. Casanova loves being with people! He’ll lay his head in your lap, get very close to you and will give kisses all day long!

Some fast facts about this handsome guy:
* Casanova is smart and will sit for treats!
* This boy is house and crate trained!
* Casanova enjoys going for walks!
* Casanova would love to live in a home with a yard!

You can’t go wrong with a dog who likes to play fetch! Casanova is friendly and enthusiastic about everything! He loves getting brushed and petted, as well as giving kisses, yet isn’t stuck to you like Velcro! Sometimes, you might think that someone opened a door for the first time and now Casanova is having the time of his life with people, other dogs, toys and last but not least—food! Casanova has movie star good looks, but instead of being on TV, he’ll be your biggest fan!