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Plucked from a hoarders home, Marshmallow was found living in filth with 18 other dogs but somehow still lovingly caring for her puppies. Anyone can see right away that the filth hasn’t followed her !

Some things about this gal:
* Marshmallow is very shy and unsure about people at first and needs time to warm up to you. She is especially afraid of men. Somehow, this hasn’t deterred her sweet, gentle and calm nature. Marshmallow is quite affectionate, cuddles with you and loves being your companion when you run errands or just simply hanging out in the house with you.
* Marshmallow is a very good at learning commands. She already knows sit and down and is working on other commands. She also does well on car rides and is awesome on a leash.
* She’s doesn’t demand much in exercise and so she doesn’t need much to wear her out. After being locked up indoors for most of her life, Marshmallow does love the backyard and enjoys exploring and sniffing new things. Marshmallow is more used to dogs so canine siblings are a good thing, especially to have someone guide and teach her how to be a dog in the world.
* A quiet apartment complex is good but a house would be even better for her. The world is still new and quite scary for her and she’s still trying to get used to it.

There is simply only one thing that her person can give her and that’s love, affection, and care. She just longs for a lot of love and support. You can take her home knowing that you’re giving her the best life possible and you’ll be rewarded with a forever friend.