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Meet Lulu! She’s a sweet, playful gal with a lively personality! A smart dog, Lulu knows how to sit, stay by the door, and will give you a hand to shake! Lulu likes people and dogs, but is sometimes reserved while she gets to know them. After that, Lulu gets friendly and initiates play time! Lulu is very affectionate and loves being petted! Lulu has a lot of love to give, and she’s ready to give it to you!

* Lulu is a sweetie who loves attention and affection!
* Lulu likes people and dogs! She doesn’t like to share things of value, so older kids would be a good fit!
* Lulu’s favorite activities are fetching the ball, running, and playing with other dogs!
* Lulu is good on leash and likes going for walks!
* Lulu is crate trained and getting good grades in her house training class!

Lulu has adapted well to her foster home, and will do the same with you! She listens to what you say and is very good at learning new things! Lulu will love going for walks or runs with you, and curl up next to you in the evening with a nice chew toy! Lulu is going to love the dog park, and that will be an adventure for both of you! Meet Lulu and start the next chapter of two lives!