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This girl with a unique name, loves being near you, cuddling and being petted - anything associated with you!
More about Nylon:

Great house manners - Nylon is great indoors, so a crate isn’t always necessary. If it’s okay with you, she loves to sleep on the couch and the bed! She is fully house trained!

Back yard or park preferred but not required - Nylon enjoys walks and playing chase around the backyard! She loves to be outside in the backyard and will likes to sniff things chase squirrel and nap in the sun! No backyard ? She is happy with an apartment as well, as long as she gets some walks. Tug of war is another favorite game if it’s raining out!
Doggie friends - Nylon likes other dogs, but prefers to begin her friendships with an introduction.

Did you say food? Nylon loves food and doesn’t like to share her food and sometimes might want yours so she will do best in a home with older children or teens.
In a nutshell, Nylon is a mild tempered, relaxed, very sweet and loving dog! She deserves the love and attention you will give her, and she’ll return that love 100%! Nylon has so much love to give and really becomes a family member, so please take time to meet this sweet gal! Pretty soon, you could be having your morning coffee with Nylon!