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Watch Moxie's Video

When you first meet Moxie, she’ll tell you, with wiggles, kisses, and wags, just how happy she is to see you. Then, she’ll let you know with looks or nose-points exactly what kind of activity she thinks you should do together. Walking? Cuddling? Playing? Training? Moxie is all about it, as long as you’re there by her side!

* She’s not just cute, she’s also an educated dog! She knows quite a few basic commands, including sit, stay, down, leave it, drop it, ‘Touch’, and ‘Let’s go! If you don’t see your favorite command here, no worries! It only takes Moxie one or two repetitions to learn something new!
* She’s smart AND fun! Moxie loves to play with toys and appreciate that games have rules. She knows that she needs to sit before she can receive a toy, and she only starts a game of tug when given the go ahead from her handler! And she always drops the toy when you decide that the game is over.
* She loves to share! Moxie is absolutely comfortable with people approaching and touching her while she’s eating or playing with toys.
* She’s a terrific car dog! She sits quietly in the back and just watches the world go by. No back seat driver here!
* She’s tidy and quiet! Even though she has the most fun when she comes along for the ride, she’s also well-behaved when left home alone. Moxie is well crate-trained and can “hold it” all day while you’re at work.

If you’re looking for a companion for your next adventure, someone who’ll always be up for more fun, Moxie has just the right personality for you! Come on by and meet Moxie and you’re sure to have a blast together right from the start!