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Mike is still going through his awkward stage of getting used to his growing body. It’s a bit hilarious to watch him try to play but he ends up looking like a clumsy, entertaining and adorable mess!

Sweet as pie. Mike is such a sweet guy and loves to be close to you. Cuddles, petting, scratching his back or belly, he’ll give you this goofy, content smile! He’s still young so he is very energetic and playful. Daily walks and play time are things he looks forward to everyday! Once done, he’s more than willing to curl up next to you on the couch and watch the action on the TV. New people and dogs? Yes, please! Mike is a social butterfly!

The good boy! Mike is so in tuned with his happy nature that it reverberates into his manners! He knows the commands sit and shake (with both paws, nonetheless!). As far as other things, he’s housetrained, crate-trained, loves car rides, and is good-natured about brushing and bathing. It’s a great thing to have a buddy ready-made and naturally behaved! His leash manners are good overall but he is working out a few quirks with that!

Almost grown up pup! Mike hasn’t seem to grasp that his body has gotten bigger and his muscles stronger just yet. A little patience and guidance in helping and watching him mature will ensure a loving relationship for sure!

Mike is such an easy dog that he would be great to first-time dog owners! But if you’re an experienced guardian, that is awesome, too! All he needs is unconditional love and joy in having him in your lives!