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Belle was left a homeless pup when her adopter died. She’s an extremely affectionate dog and who loves interacting with her favorite people … and everyone is her favorite, once she gets to know them! She might look like a highly energetic dog, but she really doesn’t have much stamina and would actually prefer a short game of fetch to a long-distance run.

Here are the deets about this lovabelle girl:
* Belle can be fearful of new people, but when given some time to warm up, she will inevitably reward them with lots of kisses!
* She’s famous for her enthusiastic greetings! Don’t apply, if you don’t like dog kisses!
* Her favorite games are fetch and tug. She’ll even bring back the toy and drop it on command!
* She is well-mannered at home: both crate- and house-trained! She is not destructive, nor does she have accidents inside, even when home alone!
* Belle is also a super fun dog to train! She knows many commands, including Sit, Come, Lay Down, Drop it, “Go Inside” (goes in crate), Paw, Touch, and Look. She doesn’t just work for treats, either! She’s also happy to get toys and praise in exchange for a job well done!
* Because Belle is fearful around dogs she doesn’t know, she would do best in a neighborhood without much canine traffic.

It’s not that Belle wouldn’t appreciate a little exercise … She might even remind you to enjoy some fresh air once in a while! But if you’re looking for someone who will never make you feel guilty for missing that workout and Netflixing instead, she might just be the one for you!