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Andrea simply loves her humans and just wants to express it. She thinks she’s a little dog and acts like she’s as small as a Chihuahua! She’ll need someone who will keep her active and stimulated!

Affection queen. Andrea is very sweet and affectionate. She loves to cuddle and stay close to the people she loves. She will follow you everywhere, shower you with kisses and bring toys to you for play! She’s great at play, especially fetch! She also loves to go around sniffing everything! She’ll need a little comfort with loud noises to know she’s safe.

Working towards that diploma! Andrea is smart (she can open doors!) and can bore easily if she isn’t intrigued enough. She knows the commands sit, stay, and is working on down and touch. She is house- and crate-trained. She’s a little nervous in cars but her foster is working with her on this. Andrea is very food-motivated so training her with treats and affection will do wonders.

Must meet everyone! When out for a walk, Andrea just wants to say hi to everybody but hasn’t quite got her manners down yet! A proper introduction (or avoidance!) will help calm her down. With humans, she loves to kiss you but forgets that she’s a big girl when she tries to reach your face!

Andrea will do great in a home or an apartment as long as she gets plenty of exercise. She’s best with people who can include her in their daily activities and who can handle her size and energy.

Andrea is ready for her right family and forever home!