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Andrea is your gal if you are looking for a fun, loving, devoted, and sweet companion! Andrea is playful and enjoys a nice daily walk or run! Andrea really excels in cuddling! She adores sitting next to you and having her head or tummy rubbed. Andrea wants a person to bond with and be her family, and you are looking pretty good!

We see Andrea in your future because:
* Andrea has a sweet personality, is loving, playful, affectionate and dedicated.
* Andrea likes adults, and children (but may jump and knock the small ones over). She prefers smaller dogs and does like to be introduced first.
* Andrea walks nicely on the leash!
* Andrea is house and crate trained!
* Andrea doesn’t always like to share things with other dogs so it’s best she has her own toys and dines by her self.

Andrea is a tad fearful of fireworks and thunderstorms, but not in a panicky way. She likes to hang out or snuggle with you at those times, or go into her kennel for comfort. You work hard and live a good life, so don’t you deserve a dog that will match your lifestyle? You deserve a great dog, and that dog is Andrea!