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If you are looking for a pup who will be devoted to you, lively and smart, as well as one that loves to play and snuggle—meet Fiddler! Fiddler is a guy that enjoys his human family. He may like to follow you about the house and then curl up beside you when you sit down. Added to all that is the fact that Fiddler is completely adorable!

Fiddler will need daily walks and playtime, including trips to the dog park! He is highly intelligent and can learn whatever you teach him. Fiddler might be a candidate for agility training if you are up for it! Fiddler will be eager to please you, and happy to let you decide what to do each day! As a puppy, Fiddler might get along with a cat and should like dogs, if you have one. Fiddler will take his cues from you, and like what you like!

Meet sweet Fiddler and you’ll be dancing to his tunes for a very long time!