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Cesar was found in the middle of a parking lot one night. He’s come a long way and is ready to meet you. Cesar is playful and has enjoyed meeting everyone in his neighborhood! Cesar has a routine of eat-play-sleep going on, as he’s a growing pup, and he loves playing with his toys while you’re on the computer! Cesar likes dogs, was politely friendly with a cat and loves people of all ages!

* Cesar is sweetly affectionate, and has liked every person, dog he’s met, and he appears to be cat-friendly!
* Cesar enjoys walks and is working on his leash manners!
* Cesar is doing well with house training and is pee-pad trained!
* Cesar enjoys playing with an empty brown paper bag, tugging on rope, and chasing his foster’s dog!
* Cesar enjoys car rides!
* Cesar knows his name, come and sit, and is very treat-motivated!

When Cesar’s foster leaves the house, she leaves his toys in a box. While she is away, Cesar takes them out and plays with them. He’s a smart pup! Cesar is ready for training and will eagerly learn, especially when rewarded with treats! Cesar is friendly, playful and loves interacting with people, but you’ll always be Number 1! Cesar is ready to start the rest of his life—with you!