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Lorraine was abandoned and left to fend for herself and her puppies. Lucky for her, FFL is now helping this super sweet, and wonderful momma find a home!

Sweetness and light. Lorraine has a laidback personality everyone loves and adapts well. She loves people, dogs, cats, sharing her toys and bed, leashes, and food! She also likes to hide treats to save for later. Her favorite game is playing tug of war and will even crawl into bed with you. However, since Lorraine loves food, she would rather not have any other animal interested in her food.

Master of behavior. Lorraine will do anything for food! She is smart and understands how to quickly obey, especially if you have treats ready for her. She’s still learning specific commands but she will catch on quickly! She’s a great indoor dog, fully house-trained, a wonderful car passenger, good with baths, and is great off leash. She’s good in a crate but even better when she has a bully stick. She isn’t into sharing her food with other dogs so it’s best if she dines alone.

Enjoyable activities. Lorraine is active enough to keep you active but is also a great dog to just Netflix with. She loves hanging out in the sun. Loud noises from outside do bother her if the TV isn’t on.
Lorraine is best to pretty much any home where she can have a routine. She’s quite adaptable and lovable and simply requests you include her in your family activities!