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A team went out to take care of needy dogs and found Willie in the middle of the road! He wasn’t going to survive long there, so this friendly, 2-pound pup wants to live long and prosper with you! As friendly as he is adorably cute, Willie will be a wonderful companion for you! Look at Willie. How many pups his age will sit and pose for a glamour shot just for you? You really need to meet Willie!

Willie is a small dog and he’s not going to get much bigger! That means, that although he will love kids, they must be taught to treat him with care—kind of like grandma’s china! Willie is smart, healthy and more loveable than you can imagine…now! Once he’s home with you, you’ll know exactly how lovable Willie is!

If you’re a first-time puppy mama or papa, or it’s been a long time since you were hit this hard by Cupid’s puppy arrow and you have questions regarding his care or help finding a veterinarian, just ask! Willie’s future is important, and having a good start at your home is our goal!

A puppy as charming and captivating as Willie means he won’t be in the dating game very long! Be the first to meet Willie!