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Sydney loves people and being around them! She’s the kind of dog that takes joy in the simple act of being around the people she loves best…soon to be you! Sydney is good with other dogs and may like yours! So, why did someone leave her tied to a fence? Sydney is a great dog, even if you aren’t counting her stunning blue-grey coat in that equation!

* Sydney is great with people and loves being petted!
* Sydney likes other dogs!
* Sydney is smart and trainable! She already knows sit!
* Sydney will need exercise, so going for walks will be a lot more enjoyable!

If you are looking for a great companion dog, you’ve got it in Sydney! She will love being with you, your friends and family, and she will want to be included in your activities! Sydney will be loyal, maybe a bit of a clown on occasion, and she’ll be a sweetheart you’re going to love! Meet Sydney, spend some time with her and maybe take her for a stroll down the street for some one-on-one time. You’re going to find a lot to love about Sydney!