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Rocko was found as a stray and his owner could not be found. Rocko is great with people and other dogs! And if you haven’t noticed, Rocko is one gorgeous dog! Rocko is playful and energetic, and would love to be part of an active family that enjoys the outdoors.

* Rocko likes adults and kids, and loves to be petted and be near you!
* Rocko likes other dogs, especially playing with them!
* Rocko enjoys going for walks! He pulls a little and is working on that!
* Rocko knows sit, lay down, come, and off! He can learn more too!
* Rocko is house trained!

Rocko is a wonderful guy who will want to be near you! Rocko does have some separation anxiety and can act out due to it. Typical for a dog with this type of anxiety, Rocko is not a fan of a crate. FFL is working with him to understand that a crate isn’t a scary place, and to trust that his human is coming back. Rocko is already improving! Our Behavior Team will continue working with Rocko’s new family to advance his progress. With a loving family that can spend plenty of time with him and help to achieve success, Rocko will fulfill his potential and be perfectly awesome!