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Unfortunately, Theo was surrendered by his owner because of severe allergies, so Theo is on the hunt for a new place to call his own. He is one of the sweetest and happiest dogs ever and will fit into any family that will make him a part of theirs!

A lover, not a fighter. Theo is a bit shy and may give out a bark at first but warms up quickly to pretty much anyone once he sniffs them. You’ll know because he’ll share his toys! He loves cuddling, even with new friends and is pretty laidback. Not too much bothers this guy. The dog park is a must for new friends! Chase and fetch all the way!

Almost a behavior master. Theo is a great indoor dog and is very well-behaved when left home alone, uncrated, but does great in a crate, too! He’s housetrained, and will start pacing a little to let you know he needs to go outside. He’s working on his command training and knows sit but also recognizes his name, and the words treat, food, and outside. He’s good on a leash and loves walks!

Theo has quirks. But they’re cute! Theo steals dirty socks puts them in strange places but won’t chew on them. He doesn’t care for baths or grooming and might take some coaxing. He whines a little if you’re in a closed room he can’t get in. He just wants to be with you! Sudden loud noises do frighten him and he’ll run away and hide. Comfort him!

Theo’s laidback personality is great for pretty much any home, even an apartment, as long as you give him his regular walks, dog park time, and lots of love a part of your family!