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Marta is one good-looking gal! Shy at first and then sweet and loving, Marta gets along with other dogs and has learned that playing is fun! Marta is very affectionate and loves being near you. A super smart gal, Marta, also called Marty, is house and crate trained! She’s food motivated and will be able to learn quickly with treats as rewards. Marta still has some things to learn, but considering she came to us as a stray, Marta is a star student!

* Marta loves people, getting petted and being near them!
* Marta likes dogs! She lives with two.
* Marta has not met cats or kids, but is likely to love children!
* Marta is house and crate trained, going into the crate when you toss a treat inside!

A super-sweet girl, Marta is quiet inside the house, yet will bark to alert you to someone walking by when in the yard! Marta is working on her leash training, which is new to her. Marta has found that toys are fun to play with and chew bones are great! Marta has come a long way in a very short time! She will continue learning and loving with you, and you’re going to love life with Marta!