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Kasia is a fun dog who loves for you to get down on the ground and play with her! While she may be shy at first, Kasia is treat-motivated and getting treats when meeting people jump-starts the relationship! Kasia loves to snuggle and get petted, often offering her tummy for a nice belly rub! Kasia is doing well with crate and house training! For a dog new to walking on a leash, Kasia is doing great! She’s such a happy dog that you truly appreciate her company!

* Kasia likes people and may be nervous when first meeting them, yet she is getting better and better with meet and greets!
* Kasia loves playing with her foster’s dog! After she meets a dog and knows it is a friend, she’s good to go!
* Kasia has not met kids and will probably like them!
* Kasia is affectionate! She likes to sit on your lap and get belly rubs!
* Kasia is almost completely house and crate trained, and knows sit!
* Kasia loves foraging toys like Kongs and eating from a Tug-A-Jug, which prevents her from eating too fast! Both provide mental stimulation!
* Kasia loves chew toys!

When Kasia comes home with you, she will enjoy hanging out wherever you happen to be! Kasia will entertain herself with her Kong and then happily go for a walk with you! If you’ve got a yard, Kasia will appreciate some off-leash time to play and just be a dog! If you have another dog, that’s cool! Kasia enjoys having a buddy! Already, Kasia is becoming the dog she was meant to be. Kasia will continue to blossom with you, while being the best friend ever!