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When adopting a puppy, you want a devoted, friendly pup, and that is exactly what Giselle will be! Full of energy and life, Giselle loves being with people, and children will be high on her list of favorite playmates! Giselle is smart and will benefit from training and socialization. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, you simply let her know what you want and she will try her best to please you! Whether it’s potty training or learning to shake hands, Giselle’s goal is your happiness. When she wags his tail so hard that her body is swaying, you’ll know Giselle is a happy dog!

You may have dog supplies at home already, but if not, having a crate, puppy food, toys, a collar and leash and treats will go a long way toward giving you more time with Giselle and less time shopping! If you need a veterinarian, ask around. A good vet will keep Giselle healthy and answer any questions you may have.

Giselle will learn from being with you, your family and friends! She will take her cues from you, so if you are friendly and outgoing, Giselle will be too! As a puppy, Giselle is a diamond mine of unlimited potential! You are the perfect person to show the way as Giselle grows up to become your super-awesome best friend!