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After weeks of roaming her foster’s neighborhood, Bella came inside her fence in a move that is going to change both your lives! Loving and obedient, Bella is affectionate, and if she can’t sit in your lap, she’ll sit next to you! Bella gets along with other dogs, including large ones! Bella can be timid or outgoing when first meeting people. Either way, she warms up after a while! Bella is a great dog you’d be lucky to take home!

* Bella is very affectionate and loves to climb on you!
* Bella likes adults, children and other dogs!
* Bella is house trained, and hasn’t been crated in her foster home!
* Bella enjoys going for walks!
* Bella loves playing tug with her foster and her dog, along with running and playing!

Bella is a wonderful dog, full of love and affection! Bella gets along with everyone and is comfortable either playing of lying down quietly. If you allow it, Bella will be on your lap! Bella loves stuffed toys and chew toys! Bella is food motivated and will learn with treats as rewards! You’ve been too long without the love of a good dog. Make plans to meet Bella!