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It’s impossible to think that this super sweet dog was abandoned! Is it possible to love your human too much? Impossible! Ducky is now looking for a family who has as much affection as he does!

Such a lover! Ducky is extremely affectionate and simply loves being loved on! He will soak up every bit of attention you give him, and will even curl up in your lap if allowed. He’ll also cry for you if he’s left outside.

Manners Master. Ducky has such an easy personality and is so willing to please his humans. He already knows sit and stay and is working on learning other commands! He’s house and crate-trained and will probably be awesome being free range. He’s working on his leash manners but it’s hard to resist a new friend!

Meant for a home. Ducky was meant to live in a home with a family. He prefers being indoors and being close to his family. He will literally sit by your feet all the time. Loud noises scare him so he needs someone willing to comfort him!

Keep in mind, Ducky loves food so anything yummy left unattended will likely be swiped! He would do great in any home, even an apartment, as long as you give lots of affection and walk him daily!