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Leila is a sweetie who’d rather be around people! Leila was noticed while resting on a neighbor’s driveway. It didn’t take long before Leila accepted the offer of food and water. Now, Leila is living in a home with dogs and cats, waiting for the chance to meet you! Leila is easy-going and well-behaved, and her favorite thing to do is to be with you!

* Leila likes people and spending her days with them! She likes being petted and receiving attention!
* Leila gets along with dogs and cats! She’s actually somewhat afraid of cats and shows them respect!
* Leila knows the command stay!
* Leila likes going for walks! She will sometimes pull on the leash.
* Leila is well-behaved while left home alone!

As soon as Leila overcame her fear and trusted her foster, she has been very well-behaved and docile! Leila has been great both indoors and out, is not destructive, and does not dig in the yard! Leila does not bark at passing dogs or the mailman! Leila will sniff the housecat, but has not chased or been aggressive toward the cat! Friendly, calm and curious, Leila likes to meet dogs and people, and will probably like children when she meets them! Leila is a dog you should meet, and that is when she can work her special canine magic and show you what an awesome gal she is!