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Watch Dorothy's Video

One look at Dorothy and all you want to do is pet, hug, and cuddle with her! The best thing is, she relishes in such things!

Love bug! Dorothy is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. Once she gently meets them, she likes people and other dogs. Chew toys are her thing and she likes the tough rubber ones the best, especially if they squeak. She also absolutely adores chasing tennis balls! Overall, she’s not high-maintenance, quite mellow actually, and likes hanging out with her family in the same room and out in the garden.

Manners? Check! Dorothy is absolutely house- and crated-trained. She has never had an accident in her foster’s home! She loves riding in cars and does great in them. She’s already trained to “Sit”, “Look” and “Touch,” and is open to learning more! She pretty good on a leash, too!

Proper Intros, Please! Dorothy would make a great friend for another easy-going dog, but like any real lady, she must have proper intros. She’s taken a couple of days to get comfortable with another dog, but after that, they are her bff!

Overall, Dorothy’s mellow demeanor makes her easy to have in an apartment as long as she gets exercise. She loves walks! But hey, if you have a house, that’s great, too! She’ll simply be happy by just being part of your family!