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Did you know that Couch Potatoes make excellent companions? Do you have a spot on your rug or sofa that is just screaming for some dog hair? Does your soul yearn for a canine Netflixing partner? Are you looking for a dog who loves eating food, cuddling, and lying around? TJ is just the guy to do all that and more!

Some fun facts about TJ:
* Like most couch potatoes, TJ has excellent house manners! He has never had a potty accident indoors and is not destructive. He is even good when allowed to free-roam your home on his own when you are at work!
* TJ is a quick learner, because he adores pets and treats as rewards! He already knows Sit, Stay, Paw, Lie Down, and Come!
* More than just a lump on your sofa, TJ loves a variety of activities, including playing and running around the yard. A yard is a must for this boy.
* TJ likes other dogs, especially if they are easy going … and don’t like to show off that they can run faster than him! He does get super excited to see other dogs when on walks!

TJ might like your couch a whole lot, but he’ll have a ton of love for you! And the feeling is sure to be mutual, as soon as you experience his charismatic personality!