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Being dog savvy is his claim, sweetness is his fame... but don’t forget about those gorgeous eyes! Hansel has always lived with another dog, and would prefer to keep it that way. But don’t feel like you will be second place, he loves people just as much!

Looking for his Gretel. Hansel’s youthful nature and energy will win your dog over in no time. He is very respectful and reads their body language when interacting. He is happiest when he is snuggling with a doggie friend while his human is nearby on the couch. He loves playing with his person too though, and is quite a charmer!

Grab your running shoes! Hansel has lots of energy, and he loves to burn it by running and walking with his pack.

Dog Park? We think yes. Hansel has a good heart. He’s housetrained and, would be a perfect choice to engage in some dog park shenanigans! He will soon be the favorite at your local park.

Company is preferred! Hansel is the kind of guy who prefers not to be alone. He’s also very good about going in his crate when his foster family is out. Hansel would prefer a home with another dog to keep him company. Training or playing games with his favorite persons and playing with a canine sibling is the family of his dreams! He’s ready to make it a reality!